Why the UW

Why the UW

Turn your Dreams into Reality

We know you have big dreams and are working hard to achieve them. As you think about life after high school, we invite you to learn about the University of Washington, where those dreams can come true.

The Multicultural outreach & Recruitment (MOR) team is here to be your partner and your biggest cheerleader. Connect with MOR admissions counselors today. They’re ready to answer questions about the application process, financial aid and beyond. And once you’re officially a Husky, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity is invested in your success, all the way to graduation.

We are so excited about your future — and we can’t wait to make the UW a part of your journey. Join us.

“Going to college will open doors to opportunities that have never been available to us as a low-income migrant family. I came to the UW because it offered all the programs I was interested in — and the most financial aid.”

Favian Mares, '22Toppenish, WA


Find Your Community

Dare to Dream

Whether you’ve just started thinking about it or have already found the college of your dreams, we get that it’s complicated. So here’s our promise: Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll guide you and help you make it work. You belong at the UW – and we want to see you here.

From the Puget Sound to Spokane, Bellingham to Walla Walla and beyond, the UW is proud to be the university for all Washingtonians. In 2020, we welcomed a record number of freshmen from underrepresented communities – including many who were first in their families to attend a four-year college. Our large, diverse Husky family has a place for you.

Our support doesn’t end when you get your offer letter. More students from underrepresented groups graduate from the UW campus in Seattle than from any other four-year public institution in Washington. We’re excited to see you start your career and make a difference in the world, and we want to ensure that your hard work pays off.

Underrepresented groups include students of color (American Indian/Alaska Native, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and Southeast Asian) as well as students from groups that have been historically disenfranchised from higher education.

“There are so many mini-communities within campus. I was lucky to find mine super quickly because of the programs the UW offers, so there were people I already knew.”

Mahilet Abraha, '23Shoreline, WA


Let’s Make it Possible

Money Talk

MYTH: Scholarships are only for top students and athletes.

FACT: The UW welcomes valedictorians and varsity athletes – but we have scholarship opportunities and grants designed for all students.

MYTH: Going to college means tons of student loans.

FACT: UW students graduate with less debt than the national average – and 63% of UW undergrads graduate with no known debt.

Paying for college shouldn’t break the bank. From scholarships and grants to work-study positions, there are plenty of options. Our financial aid counselors will help you and your family navigate the process, so you can finance your education and graduate with less debt.

The Husky Promise is our guarantee to Washington state students: We won’t let financial challenges stand in the way of getting a UW degree. If you’re eligible for the Husky Promise, your tuition and fees will be fully covered (that’s right – fully covered!) for four years. Each year, nearly 10,000 Washington students pay no tuition to the UW, thanks to the Husky Promise. That could be you.
Find out more uw.edu/huskypromise

“I was a recipient of the Costco Diversity Scholarship along with the Husky Promise and multiple grants.
These resources covered my cost of attendance at the UW – something unimaginable coming from a family that struggled to make ends meet.”

Jordan Crawford (Kuskokwim), '21Black Diamond, WA

Find your Fam

The UW isn’t just a place, it’s a family. You might find your people in the more than 1,000 student clubs – from cultural organizations to Greek life, archery to acapella. Whatever sparks your interest, chances are you’ll find others who share your passion.

The UW campus is a community – and your home away from home. Across campus, you’ll find welcoming spaces, from residence halls to the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (the largest college cultural center in the nation) and wetab?altx» – Intellectual House, a longhouse-style gathering space for American Indian and Alaska Native students.

You won’t be on your own at the UW. Even before you get here, you can rely on mentors who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. The Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity and the Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment team work to create a diverse, inclusive campus where everyone can succeed.

“I was nervous knowing that many colleges are predominantly white institutions and feeling like I didn’t belong. The comfort came from recognizing I wouldn’t be alone, that there are programs like the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity to support first-generation, underrepresented students.”

Ammara Touch, '21Kent, WA