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Autumn Forespring (She/Her)

Autumn Forespring (She/Her)

Degree: B.A., American Indian Studies

Languages Spoken: English

Hometown: Olympia, WA

High School: Centennial High School

Favorite classes in college: AIS 308, American Indians and the Environment; AIS 379, Powwow: Tradition and Innovation

Favorite place on campus: The wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ Intellectual House. When I was first admitted to the UW, my dad drove me all the way up to campus and we walked around for an hour trying to find the IH. When we found it, he told me “See? This is where you belong”. And it was true. I met my best friend in the IH office a few years later, and now she is my roommate! I even spent my 21st birthday pulling an all-nighter in the IH kitchen, helping to put on the Taking Back the Dinner event in 2019.

Ammara Touch

Degree: B.A, American Ethnic Studies; B.S., Biology (Ecology, Evolution, Conservation); Minors in Oceania/Pacific Islander Studies & Diversity 

Languages spoken: English, Khmer

Hometown/high school: Kent, WA / Kentridge High School

Favorite classes in college: AAS 250 (Asian American Oral Histories), AIS 375 (Indigenizing Conservation in a Changing Climate)

Favorite place on campus: ECC (Ethnic Cultural Center)

Jared Edge (Kuwlkadim)

Degrees: Bachelors in American Indian Studies and Indigenous Archaeology

Languages Spoken: English, Lushootseed

Hometown: Marysville/Tulalip, WA

High School: Marysville-Pilchuck High School

Favorite class in college: ANTH 0401(Decolonization in Museums), and ARCHY 469 (Canoe Class)

Favorite place on campus: The Intellectual House

Micah Hatchie

Degrees: Bachelors (American Ethnics Studies) Minor (Anthropology)

Languages Spoken: English, Hawaiian, Hawaiian pidgin

Hometown: Haleiwa, Hawaii

High School: Waialua High and Intermediate School

Favorite class in college: Anthropology study abroad to Tahiti

Favorite place on campus: Husky Stadium, Rainer Vista

Nelson Wynn

Degree: Bachelors in Psychology w/ Animal Behavior Focus (UW Seattle)

Languages spoken: English

Hometown/high school: Friday Harbor, WA / Friday Harbor Highschool

Favorite classes in college: Animal Behavior, Animal Communication, and Zoo Animal Lab

Favorite place on campus: My favorite places on campus are the IC, the residence halls, and the Burke-Gilman Trail.  The IC got me through the rigorous science and math courses, The residence halls allowed me to meet some of my best friends while working as an RA, and the Burke showed me the natural beauty of Seattle while linking me to its farther flung locales.

Laura Valenzuela

Degrees: B.A., Sociology

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Hometown: Quincy, WA

High School: Quincy High School

Favorite class in college: EDUC 216 (Thriving On The Path To Happiness)

Favorite place on campus: Ethic Cultural Center (ECC)

Rose Nguyen

Degree: B.A., Human Services

Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese

Sylvie Shiosaki

Degrees: B.A., Geography, Minors in Education, Learning & Society and International Studies

Languages spoken: English

Hometown and high school: Vashon, WA/ Vashon High School

Favorite class in college: Geography 478 Social Justice & the City

Favorite place on campus: Mary Gates Hall – It is a one stop shop for multiple resources that help students succeed at UW, such as CLUE for free tutoring, Disability Resources for Students, the Career & Internship Center, and more.